LL.B. 3 Year Course Curriculum

LL.B. - 1st Year
SEMESTER-1 Download Syllabus
1 Jurisprudence I K-1001
2 Constitutional Law of India K-1002
3 Law of Torts including consumer protection K-1003
4 Law of Crime I (IPC) K-1004
5 Contract I K-1005
SEMESTER-2 Download Syllabus
1 Jurisprudence II K-2001
2 Constitutional Law of India II K-2002
3 Family Law I (Hindu Law) K-2003
4 Contract II K-2004
5 Indian Legal And Constitutional History or Law of Taxation K-2005

LL.B. - 2nd Year
SEMESTER-3 Download Syllabus
1 Family Law I (Muslim Law) K-3001
2 Public Internationa lAw K-3002
3 Administrative Law K-3003
4 Law of Property and Easment K-3004
5 Professional Ethics Accountability of lawyers & Bar Bench Relations K-3005
SEMESTER-4 Download Syllabus
1 Company Law K-4001
2 Labour & Industrial Law K-4002
3 Environment Law K-4003
4 Crimonology or Penology or Law of Trust Equity and Fiduciary Relation or Banking Law Including Negotiable Instrument Act K-4004
5 Arbitration and Conciliation and ADRS (Practicle ) K-4005

LL.B. - 3rd Year
SEMESTER-5 Download Syllabus
1 CPC and Limitation Act K-5001
2 Law of Crime II K-5002
3 Law of Evidence K-5003
4 Land Laws K-5004
5 Drafting Pleading and Conveyncing (Practicle) K-5005
SEMESTER-6 Download Syllabus
1 Interpretation of Statutes K-6001
2 Legal Language and Legal writing K-6002
3 Law of Human Rights K-6003
4 Intellectual Property Law or Information Tecnology and Cyber Law or Law relating to women and Child or Law relating to Right to Information K-6004
5 Moot Court, Pre trial and participation in trial proceedings (practicle) K-6005

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